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  • a Daily."Su●ning will open at ●least 1

  • ,000 stores ○in the third- and ●fo

  • urth-tier cities ●within fi

illion yen or 8.4〓 million US d

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ve years,"● Sun said."A○ small number of● these stores〓 will be d◆irectly owned by Sun?/p>

y LAOX sha

鬷ng, and t●he rest will see inv◆estments b◆y others interes●ted in running ou○r brand of st■ores."Late last y●ear, the c〓ompany, which ha●s 812 stores ●natio



鰁ached 4,761〓 yuan (697 U.S. ●dollars), which wa○s similar to urb●an residents○' income in the lat◆e 1990s, when● electronic a〓ppliances sales reg■istered a signifi

point two r◆epresentati◆ves to LAOX's● board.Suning

ca●nt growth in u■rban areas. M●eanwhile, Li〓u said the〓 government wou●ld make the◆ procedure●s easier for farmers● to claim the subs○idies. "The MO■C and the M■inistry of Finance◆ are jointly w◆orking on a〓 plan to ensu●re the funds○ would be used p◆

roperly while fac■ilitating procedures● for farmer◆s to claim● the s

to expand LAOX's○ network i●n Japan and s◆ource househo

ubsidies." So■ far, a total of 2,●851 electronic produ■cts have been select■ed in the stimul○us plan, including◆ different types of ○color televisions◆, refriger●ators and ●mobile pho■nes. STRENGTHEN COO◆PERATION BETWEEN● AGRICULTURA●L PRODUCERS AND SUP○E

RMARKETS The Chi◆nese gover■nment also p●lanned to launch abo〓ut 200

as an● ambitious p◆lan for th◆e compa

pro●jects this● year to create pl■atforms for coope〓ration between agr●icultural pro■duct produc○ers and sup〓ermarkets ◆so as to stabilize ■food prices. The t◆otal sales of○ agricultural produ○cts now stood ●at 130 bill●ion yuan. Y●et 70 percen〓t of th

e circu◆lation was made i●n grain wholesal◆e markets and specia●l markets ○for agricultur●

t u〓p ten stores i◆n the region and

  • al products. "◆The sales a○nd producti

  • on a■re closely linked● in Western

co■untries. Farmers w○ill plant wha●t supermarkets need〓," an MOC offi◆cial Chang Xiaocun s●aid. "Such conn○ection betw●een the supe●rmarkets and〓 farmers could pr●ovide up-to-date m◆arket info〓rmation to farmers○ so they would pl■ant what the ■market r

eally 〓need. Meanwhil◆e, it would help t〓o stabilize food pri■ces an

hina'〓s biggest cons〓umer electro●nic retailer. 〓Gome on Monda

d farmers' in●come," he sa●id. The reta●il giant Wal-M●art has establ○ished such a conn〓ection in China,■ which "not o○nly ensured the sup●ply and quality,● but also reduce○d circulation ■cost by at leas〓t 20 percent," Chan○g said. In the Unite■d States,

mor●e than 80 percen●t of the supe■rmarkets operate i◆n such a busin


ess● model. In Asia-Pac■ific regions, the ra○tio stood at 70 〓percent. However, on●ly 15 to 18 pe◆rcent of t〓he Chinese sup〓ermarkets ○operate in ○such a model. MO〓R

emier We●n Jiab

w mea○s

ures to spur dom◆estic cons

E JOBS TO B○E CREATED IN R〓URAL AREAS The Chin〓ese government wi〓ll establish and re〓novate mor○e than 150,000

s○tores and 1,000 dis◆tribution centers in〓 rural areas, w●hich are expected■ to offer m○ore than 500,000 jo■bs. Meanwhile, it p◆lans to build 200◆ to 300 agric〓ultural produ〓ct wholesale market●s as

◆umption by encou

well ■400 to 500 s〓maller food m〓arkets in ru●ral areas, whi〓ch would offer a co〓mbined 600,000 to〓 700,000

jobs〓. The above 〓two plans ar〓e expected t●o create 1.1 ●million to 1.2 mil○lion jobs in ru●ral areas as〓 to ease unemplo○yment pressure an〓d increase i■ncome for rural res〓idents, Chang said. ●Chin

ra〓ging c

a has reaffir●med its effor●ts to promote◆ home appl〓iance sales in ◆rural area●s, in an eff●ort to boost lig

ht○ industry. A 13 perc■ent subsidy w〓ill now be offered t〓o farmers who buy m○icrowaves a◆nd stoves, in〓 a bid to st■imulate rural cons●umption. The 〓new plan allo●ws every ho●usehold to buy two 〓of

onsumers t

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each ite■m at a reduced○ rate, rather ●than just one. La○st October■, a 13 percent subs◆idy was announced fo?/p>

 farmers who b●uy home appl◆iances, includi◆ng color TVs, re〓frigerators,〓 and mobile phones◆. The government say○s it will promote ○the policy nationw●ide in February. It●'s estimat●ed that the subs

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■idies will reach 1〓5 billion yuan in ○2009 drivin○g overall dome〓stic demand to o◆ver 100 billion○ yuan. The

policy h○as not onl●y benefited f○armers, but al○so applianc◆e manufacturers.C○ao Jianhai, Resear■ch Fellow of◆ Industrial 〓Economic Research○ Inst. of CAS●S said "In ●fact, there has been〓 strong d


emand for ○home appliance○s in rural areas. B■ut the high p〓rices compared wi●th their inco■mes have driven f?/p>

rmers away. Th●at's the main reas●on for farmers' re◆latively weak ■consumer powe■r. If prices and t◆axes are cut fur■ther, farmer〓s can then afford c〓heaper home appl〓iances. This is 〓good for eco●

o re〓pl

nomic growth, an●d will help spur ●consumptio●n."Related◆ stories:The expan〓sion of a Chines●e government● subsidy p■rogram to stimul〓ate rural c

onsump●tion of home appl〓iances has magnified■ the purchasing● power of rur〓al residents〓 by seven times.■ That's acc〓ording to th

e Min●istry of Comme●rce.Home app○liance sale■s in rural re●gions have been on ●the rise this y◆ear. In the first 20● days of January, C●hinese farme

rs bo●ught more than 16●0,000 home appliance■s using governmen〓t subsidies. China〓 began a tr〓ial program in ●December 2007 to gr●ant

a 13-percent ●subsidy to○ farmers who buy co○lor TVs, refrige●rators, mobile p〓hones, washing ma○chines and f◆reezers.Appli●ance wareho◆use catch

es fire● downtown LhasaT◆he storehouse co●vers an ar■ea of 2,000 square ○meters, with applia〓nces worth more than■ 20 million yuan

ace old cars

and ●home appl

id "○The governme○nt is promoting the 〓rural market as ○the next focus o○f domestic co○nsumption, as it ■understands how la■rge the rural market● can be, if it's pos○sible to tap its po○ten

tial. And with○ home appliance m◆anufacturers now get■ting subsidies, i○t's easy to unde◆rstand why○ s

tock inve■stors have fav●ored them in th○e past week■."Analysts say tha〓t despite sharp dro●ps in oversea■s demand, China's r○ural market〓 should be able to ■absorb excess pr〓oduction of home○ appliance○s. But investors ●are warnin〓g companies that th○

ey must shift their■ focus to r■ural areas in the● long term● if they wa

ian○ces.The gover

nt enj●oy growth that also ○stretches into th●e longer term. Re●lated Video:P■olice: China◆ home appliance tyco●on under investiga●tionBEIJING, Nov.● 27 (Xinhua) -- Hua◆ng Guangyu, China'●s

home appliance◆ tycoon, is u○nder investigation○ for involv■ement in "eco○nomic crimes,"■ confirmed B

eijing○ police on T■hursday. Huang,〓 39, whose per〓sonal wealth is es●timated at 43● billion yuan◆, is the richest○ man on the mainla●nd, accordin○g to the 2008 Huru●n Rich list. T◆he appliance◆ chain has 1,300 ou■tlets in m●ore than 300 Chin〓ese citie

s with○ 300,000 empl●oyees. Huang is■ also a rea〓l estate investor. ■Shar

llion yuan

me ap■pliances. ■But many in the ■country still do not〓 earn enough○ to buy these prod◆ucts outrig●ht. But a joint p○olicy by the Min〓istries of Commerce○ and F

inance i○s offering subsi○dies to farmers, ●to make it ●possible for the○m to buy what th○ey need. With● an ID, a s●avings account and■ a receipt proving● you have bought a ●home appliance, ●farmers in certai◆n regions can get a● 13 percent re■imb

sidies t〓

with many s○plashing out on n◆ew television〓s in order to watch○ the Olympics. ■Bai peng, farmer of● Henan pro

vince, sai〓d, "I bough◆t a new TV with 900 ◆yuan and the g○overnment ●gave me a su〓bsidy of mo●re than 100○ yuan. I am really◆ glad."In fact, s○ome ma

o car owne

nufactu■rers are even offer●ing produc○ts specially● designed to sui●t this catego●ry of consu●mers. Kong che

ng, 〓sales manager of Hai■er in Zibo, said, "W◆e designed refrig○erators capa〓ble of using a wide● range of powe◆r since power ●is not stable■ in mount

rs who tra■

ainous ●regions. We also de●signed TVs ■capable of receivin■g weak signals ●in the mounta○ins."And i■t seems

ma■ny have taken adva◆ntage of the ne■w subsidy sch●eme. In Shandong Pr○ovince's Zibo city,○ home appliance sal?/p>

de their mod

s have ju■mped dramatically,● with 60 p◆ercent of sales c●oming from● farmers. Wang ●wei, researcher of S〓t

ate Council Deve〓lopment and ■Research CTR., ●said, "The subsid○y policy is ●a very clear ■signal to home appli?/p>

els i◆n ear

馻nce producers that ●the governm〓ent needs them ■to tap business f●rom low-income regi●ons. On the■ one hand,

farmer◆s can afford better ●products. On ◆the other ●hand, producers c○an profit from ◆their sales● growth." A

lier rat●he

●ccording to● related author■ities, Chi○na has provided ●subsidies worth 300 ■million yuan ●to 1.8 million ●

households in 〓Shangdong, Henan●, Sichuan pr◆ovinces over the l〓ast six months●, and is planni○ng to expand the

r than l

p○olicy to ot○her low-inc●ome regions around ●the country. BEI●JING, Feb.● 20 -- Appl◆iance giant Guan●gdong Midea Electr■ic Appliances Co ●plans to issue ●new

ate■r. That's 5 tim

shares ■to raise mone○y for 10 projects● to increase ◆its productio○n capabili■ty.Midea, China's◆ second-la◆rgest appliance m●

aker by mar◆ket value, wil■l issue no◆ more than 10 〓percent of its◆ total shares t●o raise 3.56 billio○n yuan (495.■8 million U.S. ●do

. While in 9 p■ro

  • llars), the Fosh○an-based comp●a

  • ny said i●n a statemen■t to the Sh

  • enzh◆en Stock Exchange ye○sterday.The

  • ○money will be in〓vested in 10 〓p

vinces and

rojects which 〓will boost it■s production ca〓pacity of refrige●rator compressor■s by five mil■lion sets, 〓energy-sav◆ing refrig○erators by 4.5 milli◆on sets, washing

will be
r h●ousehold
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